The World Is Ending

Man, I left work at 5:00 and didn’t log into the internet again until 9:00. It seems that somewhere during those four hours, the world went straight to hell in a handbasket.

  • Apple announced Steve Jobs won’t be giving the keynote at Macworld this year.  Here come the torrents of “Is Steve Jobs Dying?” stories from stock analysts, driving the stock into the cellar.

  • Apple further announced that this is their last year at Macworld. In other words, the convention is dead.  They might push through at a smaller venue in 2010, but it’s toast without Apple.  But this shouldn’t affect the stock — this isn’t about Apple failing.  This is about trade shows being a gigantic waste of money.

  • The last Christmas present that I ordered for my wife shipped out today.  I was worried it would be too late, but it wasn’t.  Then I discovered that it shipped to my old address.  And it’s via FedEx, so I can’t stop it or reroute it like I might be able to with UPS.  And FedEx always wants a signature.  I’m screwed.  Looks like I’ll be stalking the old neighborhood after work for the next week, waiting for the package to arrive.

  • Bonus: I just checked my account info at the site — there’s no sign of my old address in there. What the heck?

  • Finally, the governor of the great state of New York has decided to tell his state what the proper ways to act are, via a new round of punitive taxes.  At first, I thought this would be a percent or two.  No, this includes a whopping 18% sales tax on non-diet sodas.  For the first time ever, being diabetic is a tax break!

I live in NJ, so it’s not too bad, but I’ll be staying away from the malls within a half hour drive of the state border.  I can see the NY license plates piling up at the Bergen Mall even more than usual.  And the Paramus Park Plaza. And probably Garden State Plaza.  It used to be a refuge for clothes purchases, but now it’ll be on lots of stuff.

There’s even an “iPod tax” on digital downloads.  (Zune purchases — as they are non-existent — weren’t considered in the mix. ;-)  Can’t wait to see how that gets enforced.

Oh, look, he’s even instituted the luxury tax on yacht sales, which worked so well in 1990 for President Bush that it cost all the yacht makers in the States their jobs, as the business went elsewhere and the rich still got their boats.

They just never learn, do they?

I think I’ll go poke my head in the ground and wait till Christmas to come back out again.

Update: Here are more concrete numbers for NY’s tax hike.  The digital downloads tax is 4%.  Movie and concert tickets also get taxed 4%.  All NY drivers need to buy new $25 license plates. Wowzers.  Maybe the governor was just ticked off over SNL’s parody of him?  I think they have enough material now for their next show. . .

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  1. You know, I just sent a package via Fedex that they left on the doorstep. The tracking information even said: “Signature not requested.” Maybe it’s because I sent the package via PostalAnnex?

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