Some Podcasting Thoughts

  • I’m glad we’ve come far enough along in the world of podcast production that I don’t hear anyone using music as a bed throughout the whole podcast anymore. It used to drive me nuts when a podcaster felt the need to have background music playing while they talked.┬áIntro and outro music is fine. But continuous music is distracting, no matter how easy the ducking option in iTunes may happen to be.
  • I tell you what — I’ll just assume you’re going to put that URL into the shownotes. Stop telling me you’re doing that everytime you bring up a website. It’s a waste of time and you sound ridiculous.
  • It’s a podcast. Take as long as you need. It’s not like the next show on my iPod is going to start playing if you don’t wrap yours up in x number of minutes. Quit cutting off discussion for time’s sake. If the show runs too long, cut it up into two shows. But don’t drag it out just because there are no time limitations.
  • I don’t listen to a single podcast that’s as short as the one I produce. That leads me to believe there’s still a market in shorter podcasting material out there to compete with the big 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 80 minute podcasts.

One thought on “Some Podcasting Thoughts

  1. I kind of agree with you regarding “background music”, it can be incredibly distracting. That being said, kevin Smith’s Smodcast – does have background music continiously, but it changes along with the theme of whatever they’re talking about at that specific moment – it’s part of the joke as it were.

    I agree with you about people either dragging it on to fit format – or cutting it short for the same reason. It does get annoying after a while. One of my favorite comic podcasts “Comic Geek Speak” – tends to use way too much filler material – such as trivia – to fill up time remaining. Other shows, such as KEITH & The Girl – get it. the shows usually run an hour, but if they’re having what they consider a great show – they’ll run it for 2 or more hours if needed – sometimes breaking the show into parts.

    As for shorter podcasts, such as yours – for the most part I tend to overlook them. Not really sure why, but it just doesn’t catch my attention as much. I think it’s this way for a lot of people. Maybe the solution for that – is banding together with 2 or 3 other “SHORTcasts”(TM-Rob Postuma- right now ) and giving people a package to listen to.

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