Week Before Christmas Tweet Compilation

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  • I know I shouldn’t encourage this type of behavior, but it made me laugh: @VicMackeyOnICE
  • More scanning for future columns. Some fun early 90s stuff here. Ah, memories. . .
  • Cleaned up and organized some comics. I feel a great weight beginning to lift off my shoulders. Love it.
  • Walked out of Target behind a guy with TWO “Guitar Hero” boxes in his cart. No, I didn’t take him out at the knees and steal the boxes.
  • It’s always fun flipping through a comic from 15 years ago and seeing one of my letters in print that I forgot about.
  • Took baby to mall. She liked Santa. Picture came out great. That’s the last time that’ll happen, I’m sure.
  • The only people relieved by Apple’s withdrawal from MacWorld? CES organizers. And the media who don’t worry about covering both.
  • Poor Mac Break Weekly. They record Tuesday afternoon. Then the Apple world blows up mere hours AFTER. Yesterday’s podcast is already dated
  • &^$&%, Apple. I told you my new address before I finished that order! Why did you ship it to the old one? ARGH! (No doubt FedEx will drop it off outside the front door of the place I no longer live in the snow storm today, with my luck.)
  • If your e-mail begins “This is not spam,” then it probably is.

2 thoughts on “Week Before Christmas Tweet Compilation

  1. That reminds me. I am am in need of a little comic organization myself. I have probably a good 6-8 months worth of comics I need to organize. I have been dreading that for a while.

  2. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. And the more bags and boards you’ll need. I try not to let it get past a couple of months, but time does have a tendency to fly.

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