New DVD Releases for 23 Dec 2008

One last chance for your Christmas shopping.  Looks like this week’s official release date was actually yesterday, though.  Looks like the DVD world thought ahead for the holidays.  Smart move.

  • Traitor

Don Cheadle stars as — someone with a big head on the cover art for the box.  I’m so far out of it that I don’t recognize this movie at all. Guy Pearce (of “Memento” fame) co-stars.

  • Death Race

Remaking classic Corman schlock for modern sensibilities.  In other words, cast  Jason Statham to give it some attitude, sit back, and hope it works.

And that’s about it.

So, what DVDs are on your Christmas list this year?

5 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 23 Dec 2008

  1. DEATH RACE – was actually kind of fun, if for no other reason than to see great Oscar winner Joan Allen in a hyped up B-film. Not great art, but enjoyeable.

    Being a huge fan of HBO’s the Wire, but not a HBO or TMN ( in Canada ) subscriber, I’ve been picking up the show season by season on dvd, for $ 40-$60 per season. Few weeks ago, they released the whole thing for over $ 200, which is a huge chunk of change all at once. This week has it on sale for $ 89.99. Click the link at:

    No idea if this is a temporary deal or not, but if you haven’t picked it up until now, this will make a fan of great tv a fanatstic gift.

  2. I’m getting season 1 of Bones and continuing with my collection of The Shield (series 4). Two contrasting things there, so it’s nice to mix things up a bit.

  3. This is what is on my list this year: Deadwood The Complete Series The Office Season 4 The Dark Knight Hellboy II Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the blah blah blah Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    As my Christmas list centered around a Wii this year, I don’t anticipate getting any DVDs at this time.

  4. Any movie that comes out after Turkey Day goes on my Christmas list. This year includes:

    Step Brothers, Wanted, the third Mummy movie, Traitor, Hamlet 2 and Burn After Reading. I had The Dark Knight on Bluray on my list, but I just couldn’t wait.


  5. Step Brothers .. was so-so at best. If I want real laughs, check out ( the first ) SLAPSHOT with Paul Newman – or the great BLAZING SADDLES with Mel Brooks. Both classics that a lot of people still haven’t seen – that will make you laugh.

    The MUMMY 3 – was fun but kind of ludicrious at times. The guy that plays his son, actually looks older than he does. Still, it was better than the last Indiana Jones film, but what wasn’t?

    WANTED was fun and the special effects were very cool, but anyone expecting anything connected to the original JG Jones/Mark Millar comic – will be sorely dissapointed. James McAvoy was pretty damn good in it, but I’d still like to see Eminem in the role.

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