Last Minute Tweet Compilation

Things are going to be slow here this week for the holidays, so have some recent Tweets to keep you reading:

  • Baby is crying. I suppose I should get off Twitter and pick her up, eh? I’m a good Daddy.
  • My wife didn’t find my Tweet about the baby crying to be funny. Hunh. Go figure.
  • Finished wrapping wife’s Christmas presents. Doesn’t look so impressive all of a sudden. ::sigh::
  • You know the phrase, “up your nose with a rubber hose?” The doctor did that to me today. Damned odd feeling. Sneezed an hour later.
  • @gordontheintern – Wait till you have a kid. There is NO MORE sleeping in. EVER. I think I’m tired and cranky on that point.
  • You’d think starting a new blog would be easy. NO. There’s too many templates to adjust. (Details to come in the next week or two, folks.  Promise.)
  • I’m not a Lensbaby fan. Not that anyone asked. I’m just sick of hearing about them. Their marketing dept is doing great work, I guess.
  • The neighborhood kids are walking laps with their snowboards, about to realize we’re on flat land here. Then they’ll turn on their own.
  • Dear neighbors: Sure, park your car in the street, just not in front of my driveway so that the plow never clears out in front of me.
  • Dear neighbors: Yes, use your snow blower. But don’t throw it all out onto the street, you inconsiderate cretin.
  • Just waiting for the baby to wake up now. Any minute now. . . Parenting is the ultimate waiting game in some ways.
  • Just realized I own 11 domain names. One I’m letting expire in March as I never used it. I let one (the 12th) expire last September.