What did you learn this Christmas?

I learned that traveling to two different family Christmas celebrations isn’t difficult. Traveling to two different family Christmas celebrations with an 11 week old baby is exponentially trickier.

I learned that Christmas Eve Eve is the night men invade Macy’s to get a last minute Christmas present without tipping their wife off that they waited until the last minute.

I learned that you shouldn’t do last minute Christmas shopping on-line at a web site you haven’t bought anything off of since you moved. What have you learned this year?

4 thoughts on “What did you learn this Christmas?

  1. Even if you think you are completely done with your Christmas shopping, there is always one more thing.

  2. What I learned, was that even if you take advantage of ONLINE Holiday Sales – that you may still have to wait in line/queu to be served. For last night’s Futureshop.ca Boxing Day Sale- I had to wait 45 minutes to “checkout” due to amount of people checking out the system. So, while waiting, there is a chance that your item will become sold out ( as it’s 1st come 1st serve ).

    What I got for my patience – 80 gb classic ipod for$ 189 ( Canadian ), not bad at all. I hadn’t really planned on getting this, but my 8 gb Creative Sen, just wasn’t cutting it anymore in terms of space.

  3. ShyGuy — too true. I started Christmas shopping in October… and I didn’t get done until the 24th. My fiancee says she’ll kick my butt if I don’t get things done early next year. Since she’ll be my wife by then, I’ll probably listen to her. :)

    I learned that sometimes the future in-laws can be nice people… or at least not mean people.

  4. I learned that a making a tidy profit is a hard decision to make. Seven years ago or so, when I first began buying original art, I picked up a SMT page for about $30. About four years ago, a guy on an original art mail list I belonged to discovered I owned that particular page and asked if I’d sell it to him. I liked the page and declined. Every year since, the guy sends an email asking if I’d changed my mind and every year I declined. We never discussed money.

    That changed this year. A couple of weeks ago, he sent his yearly email and included a specific dollar amount: $1000. That’s about ten times as much as I could ever hope to sell the page for. In fact, I’d bet I’d have trouble attracting a $50 bid on ebay. Yet, I haven’t agreed to sell it yet.

    A cool grand is a lot of money to get for nothing, yet it really isn’t that much money. No, making a tidy profit is a tough decision to make.

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