New DVD Releases for 30 December 2008

Join us one last time as we attempt to squeeze out one last 2008 release week long after anyone gave up caring:

  • Eagle Eye

Most notable for being the movie that sponsored the free wi-fi at the San Diego Comic-Con this last summer, as well as starring that “Transformers”/”Indiana Jones”/Please-Dear-God-No-Not-“Y The Last Man” kid, Shia.

  • Resident Evil: Degeneration

Now do you see how desperate I am to fill up space for this week’s installment of new DVD releases?!?

  • Beethoven’s Big Break

OK, no, NOW I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel. Yes, it’s a sequel to that dog movie.

  • Secret Life of the American Teenager, The

It would seem their secret lives involve nakedness and canoodling and impregnation.