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  • Why must there always be 10 annoying and pointless things that need doing before I can get to the good stuff that means something?!?
  • Some people call it Tuesday. I call it “Torture Day.” But, then, how is that any different from Mon, Wed, Thu, and Fri? ::sigh::
  • Ah, the new blog ( was live for four whole days before the spammers hit the comments section. I love Akismet!
  • In High Def, Star Wars Episode 3 looks like a bunch of action figures parading around a matte painting. Wow, that’s bad.
  • Hmm, Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 or Tamron 28-75 f2.8? Decisions decisions. (It looks like the Tamron wins. Now I just need to save some dough.)
  • My NYCC plans are unclear. Looks like, at best, I’ll only be there on Saturday. UGH
  • There has to be a better way.
  • My other time management problem is that I just don’t know what I’d willingly give up to make more time. Podcast? Blog? Column? Heck no. UGH
  • In December, I accidentally made $1.19 on the Google Ads I haven’t bothered removing from my blog. I could buy, uhm, a newspaper with that.
  • The question is, do I really need to start another project right now? Aren’t I busy enough? Nah. . .
  • The most popular each term leading people to is — “”. The internet is a weird place.
    • I liked “Jon and Kate” better when it documented their lives, not dictated them.
    • Ordering business cards — for my photography.
    • I hope Lightroom gets facial recognition next, a la Picasa and iPhoto. I also need to pull in my older iPhoto pics into Lightroom.