Resolutions for 2009

I usually chuckle at New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m feeling inspired this year.  So here are mine.  (I’m posting more on Pipeline later today over at  I started writing these out last week.  Sorry for the delay, but I swear I didn’t write any of these after I accomplished them!  Still, I’m probably the last blogger to do this.

Just to get this out of the way: Yeah, yeah, be a better Dad and husband, keep my job (even if it does drive me to drink and gamble and curse excessively), lose 20 pounds, and all the cute family stuff is there, too.  But you don’t come to this blog for that, so let’s just assume it all and move on to the other stuff:

  • Learn more Photoshop.  I’m one of those rare folks who knows Illustrator a hundred times better than Photoshop. I’m always surprised at just how different the two apps are. I would have thought knowing one would get me halfway to the other. Nope.  I don’t need to do anything too fancy with Photoshop, but it’s always a long process to figure it out, with rigorous Google searches and screencast tutorials and — it’s just a pain.  I’d like to know how to do more off the top of my head to save more time in the future.

Of course, I think I say this every year.

  • Learn JavaScript.  I actually need to do this for work.  UGH.  So is this a “resolution” or a “reminder to self?”  I don’t know.

  • Program an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  Of course, this would require re-learning C, then learning Objective C and Cocoa.  Piece of cake, right?  Yeah, this is the LEAST likely thing to happen on this list.

  • Redesign  This design has been on the books for a couple of years now, hasn’t it?  It’s time for a spring cleaning, beyond just the links I’ve cut out of the sidebar so far.  Maybe I’ll just redo the banner at the top of the page. Or maybe I’ll do something more drastic, along with upgrading the WordPress code this blog works on.  I’ve been thinking about what this blog actually IS lately, and what I’d like it to BE, and how I’d like it to function, and how it fits into the rest of my on-line activities.  I’d like to be able to answer those questions and form a plan based on that.

  • Get paid for my photography, to any extent. This is a bit of a cheat, since it may be happening in one isolated case already, but it was something I planned on putting on this list before that turn of events.  So I’m leaving it in here.  Or, I’ll add to it: Get a second gig shooting something somewhere.

  • Launch two successful new blogs. already launched.  The other is already in the works, but without a time table just yet.  If it happens, you’ll hear about it. Otherwise, this will be the last of it. I have a great domain name for it, though.  We can worry about how we define “success” later. ;-)

  • Don’t waste time on-line.  If it doesn’t pay off in some way, stop it.  Don’t do something that doesn’t add something to the world in some small way.

  • Double my on-line income.  This way, I can buy more toys.  This might require some major changes.   Google ads have never brought me much.  Amazon Associates is nice, but too sporadic.  And the economy isn’t helping.

  • Get more sleep.  BWAH HA HA. That’ll never happen.

I remember last year saying that I wanted to write more original entries for this blog in 2008.  Less link dumps, more editorial content.  I honestly don’t know if I succeeded.  I think I did.  It came in fits and starts, but there are some magnum opus entries on there, including the 4000 words I wrote about “The Shield” on the week it all wrapped up.  I feel like I did less link dumps, but I also did Twitter compilations, which are really just collections of small mini-writings.  So those count, right?

I think the one safe thing I can say for 2009 about the blog is that you won’t be seeing weekly epic writeups from me about “American Idol” for the first time in years.  Blame it on the baby. I just won’t have the time, though I plan on writing things about Idol as the contest progresses.  There just won’t be a song-by-song breakdown this year, sorry to say.

So, we’ll see what happens.  I promise to do my best.  And my offer from earlier in 2008 is still good: You can buy out this blog lock, stock, and barrel for the princely sum of $2 million. You likely have that hanging around from your government bail-out.  Nobody will notice that pittance funneled my way.  And think how good you’d feel about improving someone else’s life in such a major way!  God helps those who help themselves, after all.  Right?

6 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2009

  1. Deleted by blogger, for safety’s sake. Moved to private e-mail.

    Hopefully no one you work with reads your blog. I apologize in advance if they do.

  2. Any plans to write-up any stuff on the new ’24’ (it’s kicked off pretty nicely I reckon) or ‘Lost’ which is just around the corner? And the design of the blog is fine but if you are changing, I’d suggest maybe something subtle. The colour scheme is nice and light as it is.

    (I have to make a note to read that ‘The Shield’ write-up too when we are finished with it over here.)

  3. I don’t think there’s any chance I’ll be able to keep up with ’24’ this season, sadly. I recorded it this week. I hope to watch it soon, but my schedule isn’t very conducive to it. I’ll likely eventually have a marathon couple of weeks where I watch nothing but, or will have to wait for the DVD release and a more regular sleep schedule from my daughter. ;-)

    ‘Lost’ remains a possibility, though. My wife likes to watch that one, too, so we might be able to jam the time in for it.

  4. I really liked your blog! i read 4 others that are on similar subjets, but they domt update very often, thanks.

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