American Idol Season 8: Phoenix Auditions

I’ve almost watched the first two hours of the new season, which they promised would be more inspirational and aspirational — less William Hung, more Kelly Clarkson.

10 singers made it to Hollywood on the first day.  Only 3 were shown auditioning. The stats just don’t add up to the promotions, do they?

But I don’t care.  I like the crazy, the kooky, the nutty.  And I like the new judge — she can really sing, too.

What are your initial thoughts?

3 thoughts on “American Idol Season 8: Phoenix Auditions

  1. I watched the first 4 hours and thought there were fewer trainwreck moments than last year. I did think they spent way too much time on Bikini Girl, and I am hoping that the new judge gets the chance to really rip into her during Hollywood week. I also liked the new judge very much.

  2. Patricia and I like the new judge. So far, she seems quite level-headed and not “playing a role”. I hope she is consistent with her criticism once we get into the real half of the competition.

    I say “real half”, because speaking just for me, I hate the audition weeks. I outright ignored the show for years because of the hype and promotion that centered on the “bad” auditions, so the sooner they are over, the happier I’ll be. I’m fully aware of how much these weeks bring in, in terms of ratings, but Id rather have seen all 10 singers from day one. I have absolutely no doubts that once we have our Top 24, there will be at least four people who never got a full minute of screentime. :(


  3. The bad auditions were hilarious — for the first couple of years. Then 3/4ers of them became obvious put-ons, often followed up by a little internet research finding people’s MySpace pages and radio station backing.

    That said, I’m an easy mark who still laughed at some of the stuff that didn’t feel completely fake.

    And I’m glad the blind guy got through — he sang a Billy Joel song! Woot!

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