Veronica Mars on the come back? Breaking News: BIG SCOOP CREATOR ROB THOMAS CONFIRMS ‘VERONICA MARS’ MOVIE

At the tail end of this winter’s television critic’s event, Rob Thomas, who has resurrected his 1998 TV series CUPID for another go-around on ABC, announced that he’s currently working on a VERONICA MARS feature film based on his short-lived UPN/CW show, now that his new series order has been reduced from thirteen episodes to eight episodes.

The next paragraph of the story points out that there’s no deal in place for the movie. He’s just writing it; nobody’s financed it yet.  But there’s hope!  If you’ve never seen “Veronica Mars” before, go grab the DVDs.  There’s only three seasons, and they’re pretty cheap these days. They’re averaging about $25 a season on Amazon right now.

Sorry for the slow VandS updates lately. I’m working on ways to crank production back up.  Thanks for sticking with me. . .

3 thoughts on “Veronica Mars on the come back?

  1. This is great news. Veronica Mars was a great series, particularly in Season 2. And Kristen Bell’s been having a good year or two since the show ended. Maybe that will help Rob Thomas line up a deal.

    I don’t know if calling the show “short-lived” is fair. It ran for three seasons, which is pretty good for shows these days. And describing the show as short-lived might lead some potential movie goers to think that the show/movie doesn’t have much going for it. Which would be wrong, of course.

  2. Season 2 was pretty damn good, but season 1 was the standout – and highly recommended. Season 3 was uneven at best, mostly because they were trying to do Veronica Mars:The College Years – but that was all made up for with a finale that didn’t wrap up things all nice & cosy, but fit in with the spirit of a noir show as it was.

    I would love to see a movie, but know that there is absolutely not a chance in hell of anyone financing this puppy. At best, it was known as a cult show – so the genereal public’s interest in shuch a movie is just not there. And with the lack of success of the recent X-Files film at the box office ( as well as the failure of Firefly spin-off SERENITY ), does not bode well for other cult shows making the transition to the big screen. That being said, both Babylon 5 and Stargate have shown that shows can survive on as direct to dvd features, so that is a possibility.

  3. I have to agree with Rob.

    While at first blush this sounds fantastic, I am afraid it is just a pipe-dream. Veronica Mars was an amazing and well-written show that had far more life in it than than it was allowed to air.

    Season 1 was mind-blowingly good. Season 2 was almost as good (the mystery was solid, but some of the relationships were too convenient). The third season was a disaster brought about by the decision to re-format the show in order to attract new viewers.

    While i would love to see more Veronica, I am afraid that she will just have to live on in my DVD collection.

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