Time for a Link Dump

  • I’m a huge “MacGyver” fan, and I didn’t realize that was Richard Dean Anderson in the Pepsi MacGruber ad on Sunday.  It didn’t help, of course, that they chose the one of three commercials where he has the fewest lines.
  • More examples of Microsoft’s “Songsmith” at work.  For those of you not in the know: this is a Microsoft project that takes lyrical tracks and composed music to go behind them. Thankfull, people have dug up poopular songs to see what the results would be.  They’re all hilarious.  These will never get old.
  • Headset Hotties.  Because, really, there are an awful lot of them in stock photo portfolios everywhere, aren’t there?

4 thoughts on “Time for a Link Dump

  1. The HEADSET HOTTIES thing just cracked me up. As someone who has placed ads recruiting for a call-centre, I’ve gone through all those stock photo’s looking for the perfect “headset hottie”, all the while thinking- “damn, we have no one there who looks like that!”.

  2. “The Shield” may get a nom, but I think it may be a “Boston Legal” year. It tends to get a lot of noms (and James Spader tends to win a lot) and it was the final season of that, too. No idea how it actually compares to “The Shield” since I’ve never seen it (and before critiquing me, remember that shows, especially US cable shows, get aired differently here–and there’s a LOT of great shows out there and it’s damn near impossible to even see half of them it seems).

  3. No worries, Chad. I didn’t see “Boston Legal” this year or last, due to scheduling woes. But I really enjoyed the first 2 – 3 seasons. Glad it got some Emmy love early on, and imagine it might again now. But, man, the final season of “The Shield” is some of the best television I’ve ever seen.

    Rob – someone is making money every time one of those pictures shows up in an ad. And it’s not me. Time to hire some models, borrow some headsets, and get to work! ;-)

  4. BOSTON LEGAL was a show that just slumped into being OK. While above average, nothing that was on there this year came close to being as groundbreaking as any season of THE SHIELD. Both shows ended this year – but I see the EMMY love going to FX’s baby, it was just brilliant. BOSTON LEGAL was a show that you’d wait all night for, THE SHIELD, we looked forward to it for MONTHS – that’s the difference.

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