Twittering for the week

As of this writing, I’ve posted 4328 messages on Twitter.  Here are some very recent ones:

  • Type “NYCC” into Flickr and what do you get? Slave Leia pics. ::sigh:: [This may not still hold true, but it was groan-worthy not too long ago.]
  • Watched some of the Grammys. Too bad Jennifer Hudson can’t carry a tune. She can scream bloody murder, though. [OK, maybe that was a bad turn of phrase, but I stand by the sentiment.  She spent so much time accenting what the gospel choir sang by her usual chin-wagging scream that she never carried a tune.]
  • Also saw The Jonas Bros in action for the first time. The one with the vest on? He can’t really sing, either, can he? Faker. [The Jonas Bros., as it turns out, are locals.]
  • It takes a significant effort to lose this consistently on the lottery. [My perfect record of not winning the lottery continues!]
  • When the Kindle can handle full color comics, count me in. I’d pay $500 for one of those then. . .
  • If I went back to my blog and deleted everything on it that I wrote between the years of 2003 and 2006, would anyone notice? [I’m not going to, but seriously, would you?  Are the archives here worth anything?]
  • Looked at myself in the mirror tonight and my daughter stared back at me. Poor kid has De Blieck genes early on. It’ll change, I’m sure.
  • Can’t believe there’s no plug-in to Export to Kodak Photo Gallery in Lightroom. I guess Kodak never made an API? So sad.

One thought on “Twittering for the week

  1. Augie,

         I've read your column on CBR for years, listened to the podcast for a couple and I hate to say it but I think you should forget this blog. I honestly can't stand people posting "Twitters" as content. I realize that you're very busy which is why I think you should devote your attention elsewhere. You're a good column writer and I'd rather see more content, or at least the same, on Pipeline. 

    Anyway like I said I’m a fan and I hope everything is going well for you. P.S. I miss the Previews podcast too.

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