3 thoughts on “Most awkward Idol moment so far

  1. If Kara had said “You will be seeing us at…”, that would have been awkward. WE’LL be seeing you.. is appropriate since the Judges can see.

    Awkward, was watching Kara and “bikini girl” trying to outdo/out-bitch each other – and watch Paula attempt to step up for “solidarity” between judges.

    That – was awkward.

  2. Good point. I still have the episode saved on the DVR. I’ll have to double check the exact phrasing.

    Kara had every right to be bitchy about Bikini Girl, though; she was absolutely right. Randy and Simon played it for laughs, though, which I don’t think she got, sadly.

  3. Oh – I sided with Kara COMPLETELY. Her reaction to B-girl’s nonsense was what completely won me over with her. What annoyed me, was Paula – who only “stepped up” because Kara was annoyed by the girl – because otherwhise Paula would have just vacantly stared ahead.

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