AI8 – Second Round of 12

Dangit, I said I wasn’t going to do this.  Yet, here I am again.  Time to analyze the performances which started out very very rough.

Jasmine Murray – Might be in the Wild Card round if there’s room for her.  The judges like her.  But she picked the wrong song and came off as mere karaoke, at best.

Matt Giraud – Another judge’s favorite who might make it to the Wild Card round.  He picked the wrong song, went all over the place with it, but at least he tried something.  He should have gone with an Elton John song or something.

Jeanine Vailes – The march of Wrong Nearly Novelty song continues.  This contestant brings an air of desperation with her, though, as she’s 28 and this is her last chance. UGH.  Who picks a Maroon V song for an IDOL song?  (Besides a certain beat boxer a couple seasons back. . .)  She was uncomfortable to watch.  Too many contestants want to sing modern novelty songs.  Those are the WRONG songs to sing for IDOL.

normangentle.jpgNorman Gentle/Nick Mitchell – I could write a book about this guy.  Maybe I’ve watched too much IDOL in the last 8 years, but this is just what the show needed — someone to punk Simon Cowell.  Someone to point out all the show’s foibles, and to turn the cliches against it.  He sang that Jennifer Hudson song that we all know people shouldn’t attempt on this show.  He ended the song on an abrupt note, rather than a glory note held for ten seconds.  He picked the right song for the lyrics.  He included riffs that were perfectly and purposefully overdone and pretentious, as so many contestants do, mistaking themselves for good singers.  He’s funny, and you know what?  When he wants to, he can sing.  At this point in the show, he’s the best singer of the night by far.  I’m voting for him.

The only odd moment was in seeing his parents there. Felt weird.

Allison Iraheta – Every season needs its Dyed Red Hair Chick.  This year, it’s Allison.  And she’s amazing.  She’s young and shy around the interview, but when she sings, you stand up and pay attention.  She has to make it through.

Kris Allen – Who’s he?  Solid, but boring.  Strong last 30 seconds, but not enough to recover from the yawns in the first half.

Megan Joy Corkrey – The baby doll.  She looks as comfortable behind the mic as Michael Stipe does at times.  She swung her hips from side to side and tentatively approached the mic as she sang.  I’m still not sure if its nerves or personal style.  The judges loved it.  I’m not so sure.  She can sing, but she’s uncomfortable to watch.

Matt Breitzke is very likable.  He has that going for him.  The song was fine.  He sang it decently, but did nothing to stand out.  I also want to slap him for saying “I love that song.”  It’s right up there with, “I had fun” when Ryan asks a contestant how they feel about the way the judges just slapped them around.

Jessie Langseth gets points for choosing “Bettie Davis Eyes” and pairing it with the off the-shoulder top.  If you’re going to go 80s, go all the way! Not bad, but the best parts were the karaoke parts.  When she went off on her own, she nearly lost her breath.

Kai Kalama – That’s not confidence and sexiness he’s showing. It’s awkwardly over the top ego.  This just in: Corkrey dances that way even when in the red room.

On the other hand, America loves a guy who loves his mother than much, and the teenie boppers will think he’s cute.  He’s a decent singer, the presentation needs work, but he has a minor chance.

Mishavonna Henson – “Drops of Jupiter?”  They’ve learned NOTHING this year, have they?  It’s all modern novelty songs. At least she added something of her own to it.  Still, the song is the song.  Her stage presence isn’t all that great, but she sang it a lot better than I thought she’d do.  The last note was horrible, though.  Her biggest problem is Allison, though.  I like her personality, though.

Adam Lambert – Mr. Theatrical closes the show.  And they CLAIM they don’t stack the deck for a strong ending each week. Riiight. But, then, he chose a song from his mother’s favorite rock band.  Yeah, that’s daring. And while it started off strong, it rapidly became over-the-top screaming and shouting and tongue flicking.

Who will go through?  Allison and Norman/Nick.  After that?  Adam. He went last. Matt and Megan and Adam will come close.  Megan and Megan might get called back for the Wild Card.

Update: I’ve had no problems dialing into Nick/Norman’s phone number.  Uh oh.