Canadian Coked Up Rockers

What’s going on north of the border in music land?

First, INXS dumps J.D. Fortune, the winner of “Rock Star: INXS.”  JD has returned to his homeland, broke and homeless.  Turns out, he developed a wee cocaine habit while on the road.  You don’t want to do that with a band like INXS, after the troubles their last front man had with the white powdery stuff.

More sadly, Barenaked Ladies’ co-lead singer, Steven Page, has left the group. They say it’s a mutual decision and that he wants to pursue solo projects and acting.  C’mon, that’s like a politicians retiring to “spend more time with family” just before the indictments are handed down or the hidden documents suddenly appear on the front page of the Washington Post.

BNL is set to record and release an album without Page this year, with a tour planned for the end of the year.  It’ll be weird hearing certain songs sung by Ed Roberts, but I imagine they’ll give it a try.

Someone please go check on Bryan Adams.  I’m worried for him.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Coked Up Rockers

  1. I’ve very intrigued about how the Barenaked Ladies will sound like without Page. Although his influence in the songwriting seems to have decreased in recent years, he is still the man responsible (in some way) for around 101 of the band’s 129 songs. I know–I checked. Because I’m a dork. Beyond that, he’s the lead singer on a vast majority of the songs, too–which will affect concerts primarily. I’m annoyed since they played in Detroit on New Year’s Eve, but I couldn’t afford to go–and I’ve never seen them live.

    The absence of Page will hopefully mean that Kevin Hearn and Jim Creeggan will be able to get more songs/vocals on future albums, though. I really dig Hearn’s stuff, so more of him would please me.

  2. First of all, it’s pretty sad that after being thought of as broken up because your lead singer “offed” himself, that you go on a reality show to “recruit” a new frontman less than half the age he’d be now if still alive… and then tour with him. INXS was Michael Hutschence – wasn’t much point to tour without him around anymore. Seemed like they were setting up the kid for a fall, which is exactly what happened. Is a real shame, hopefully he gets himself together. For INXS – the words SELL OUTS come to mind. If they had to get back together, why not ask former collaborator ( on the LOST BOYS soundtrack ) Jimmy Barnes to front. He fit nicely with the band without being an outright imitation of Michael.

    As for BNL, after all his troubles who wasn’t expecting Steven Page to slither away like this. Ed Roberts has really come to the forefront these past few years, so I don’t expect too big a shake-up to result. Weirdly, while BNL is pretty big in the US – few people here ( outside of Toronto ) listen to them at all. Samw with RUSH, we’re mystified by their successes ( yet can’t fathom why you guys don’t like BLUE RODEO or THE TRAGICALLY HIP – who are HUGE here ).

    As for Bryan Adams, at this point, he’s essentially a British citizen – and doesn’t even classify as Canadian content anymore–if you can believe that.

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