AI8 Predictions

Running out of time.  Let’s do this quickly:

Who goes out in what order:

  1. Kris Allen – how did he get here in the first place?
  2. Michael Sarver – Ditto, besides the Nice Guy story.
  3. Jasmine Murray – barely made it in in the first place.
  4. Matt Giraud – He WANTS to be that guy who sang that awful ColdPlay song.  He’s doomed.
  5. Jorge Nunez – The accent/lack-of-accent gets to America. Puerto Rico’s solid voting block only goes so far.
  6. Anoop – A novelty act. Simon cries.
  7. Alexis Grace – Likable, but not inspiring.
  8. Scott MacIntyre – Not inspiring, vocally.  Paula cries.
  9. Adam Lambert – Too much screaming.
  10. Allison Iraheta — officially becomes the token redhead to go the further in the competition, if you don’t count Nikki McKibbin’s dye job.
  11. Megan Joy – Probably made it much further (farther?) than she should have.
  12. Lil Rounds – Powerful voice, a bit old but otherwise a cookie cutter American Idol contestant.
  13. Danny Gokey – Not the most inspiring or skilled singer.  But people have loved him since Day One.

More guys, but more girls make it into the later rounds.  I’d count on that, if nothing else.  By the time we’re down to 5, you’ll see 3 girls/2 guys, I think.

Who I’m rooting for — nobody in particular this year.  Lots of “eh” this season.  Some good singers, some interesting personalities. I’m hoping someone separates themselves from the pack.  Otherwise, I’m in it for the spectacle.

Round of 13 begins in a matter of hours. . .