AI8 – Round of 13

Danny did well. My DVR ran out of space about an hour in, so I’ll let you all do the writeup.  Who did you like?

I will say this, though: This is the week I became sick of Kara.  I liked her up until tonight.  Now, she grates on me. And why is the windscreen on her mic so much bigger than everyone else’s?  Is it because she always leans to far forward that it looks like she’s about to eat it whenever she talks?

And someone get Paula her medication.  One should not be near tears that often. . .

3 thoughts on “AI8 – Round of 13

  1. Paula called the two finalists on day 1 of the final 12 which is awesome for the other singers. Although I have to admit that Adam kid did a pretty amazing job and it’s hard not to like Danny.

    Actually, other than the tearing up, she seemed more cogent than normal, actually saying a few things that were constructive, and being mostly critical on one contestant.

    I like Kara. I think she adds some actual insights to the judging panel.

    I’m counting Anoop and Megan gone this week. Although hand Vote for the Worst has made her the pet cause.

  2. Even though I’ve essentially given up on IDOL – if nothing else is on, I’ll usually give it a gander.

    Last night, Danny seemed to be the favorite. Pretty good performance – complimented by fact that he really seemed to be enjoying himself, almost cements him in the Top 3. People love to see someone who really wants to be there. Adam – was extremely overrated – and his weird Axl Rose/Mika combo act – will get more annoying as time goes on despite what the judges say. Chris will get far if he just stays to basics, on his John Mayer-ish appeal alone.

    paula -is the show for me. I’m on edge constantly waiting for her to crash on camera.

    Kara – just hasn’t earned my love yet. She’s definitely smart, but she seems like she’s an outsider still. Maybe once paula crashes..

  3. Megan Joy is SOOOOO annoying – she better bite it tonight. I have a feeling Jorge might also go tonight.

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