AI8 – Round of 13 Results

Uh oh.

I hope Al Sharpton wasn’t watching tonight’s show. (C’mon, you knew I was going to point that one out. . .) Just to keep me honest: The 13th and 12th place finishers I had picked to finish #11 and #9. And I have a funny feeling Anoop won’t make it as far as I predicted either.  He’s painful to watch.

Also: Darn you, FOX, for selling only the musical performances on iTunes, and not the whole episodes of “American Idol.”  I wasn’t about to spend $1.49 a song.  I would have spent $1.99 or $2.99 or even $3.99 for the full episode last night, though.

As for this season’s new twist: Smart idea.  It allows the judges to make a correction to an anomolous week without lording over everything.  It also gives producers a chance to falsely add suspense to the show.  Did anyone thing the judges would unanimously bring Jorge or Jasmine back?  They’re saving that selection in case Lil or Danny or Allison get tossed early.  Everyone else is expendable right now, I think.

Also, those group numbers are getting more and more painful, though it is fascinating to watch how they choreograph around Scott.

Good to see Kelly Clarkson again. I know I shouldn’t point this out, but – did she gain a couple pounds?  Or is that just the hair that made her look a little plumper than usual?  I’m no saying she’s fat by any stretch, mind you.

One thought on “AI8 – Round of 13 Results

  1. In an age where can actually mainpulate results, it’s just a nice safety net – just in case stuff happens. The year’s the Chris Daughtry or Jennifer Hudson – who both went onto MUCH bigger things than IDOL could have ever provided, proves at least in theory that the public’s choice really has nothing to do with the reality of what will sell. It’s all fake and pre-planned in my book anyways – as certain singers tend to get more focus and attention, and better “spin”, from FOX and the “panel” of the show.. so anyone really thinking they have much choice is probably not so right.

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