DVD Release of the Week for 25 March 2009

I know it isn’t as beloved as the previous one, but I still want to see it:

It’s also available for purchase for iTunes in High Def for $20.  Bit steep, but you can also rent it there for $4.99.

That box on the right is for the two-disc DVD set.  There’s a single disc release, as well, that’ll save you roughly $5.

4 thoughts on “DVD Release of the Week for 25 March 2009

  1. I don’t know why it wasn’t as well received, it’s an amazing movie and well worth the cost on blu ray

  2. I personally hated it – and was not a huge fan of Casino Royale either. The problem with this version of Bond – is that they’re taking the thing too seriously, they’re not having fun with it. A huge problem with this one, was that watching it was too dependent on watching the first one. Bond films should be stand-alone, almost by definition.

    I still wonder how the series would have been received if Quentin tarrantino had gotten the job of doing it like he wanted ( along with Hugh Jackman as Bond ).

  3. Yeah, I really enjoyed it as well. Saw it in the theater on my Birthday with my Uncle and two cousins. None of them liked it as well as I, but they hadn’t seen Casino Royale and weren’t expecting the updated Bond.

    Not as good as Casino Royale, but it is a really good movie.

  4. I think the main complaints were that it was too “Bourne” series. Too many quick cuts, confusing action, etc. I don’t know; I haven’t seen it yet.

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