AI8 – Round of 10 – Motown Week

Matt Giraud – I’ll be forgetting this performance in ten minutes.  He didn’t do badly.  He moved around the stage very well, but not great.

Kris Allen – I really like this one. Did a good job in changing it without overdoing it.  Looks comfortable.  And he worked the guitar.  He didn’t just stand behind him.

Scott MacIntyre – He’s no Phil Collins.  But having the backup singers as his Supremes at the piano is cool.  But he’s done.  He tried.  Did he forget the lyrics early on there?  Last half was better, but it’s like his voice got into this one register, never budged, and started to bore me.  Maybe if he had redone the whole song as a ballad, it might have work.   And he seemed out of whack with the backup singers at times.

And bad pants.

Then Paula whips out the crayons and the coloring book for Simon. Hunh. The Simon/Paula interplay this season is a little awkward, isn’t it? Megan Joy – Back to clothes that will help accentuate her awkward movements.  Looks and sounds awful in front of Smokey.   Stares at him while singing.  Odd.  She has a tattoo on top of her left foot, too?  Weird.  Reminds me of Nellie McKay.

Her performance sounds all pitchy.  Did better once she got up on stage behind judges, but the pitches were all over the place.  If she stood still and tried to work it vocally, it might have worked.  And maybe Randy is right — too fast. Musically overdone.

Paula compliments her beauty and tells he how much the camera loves her. In other words, YOU SUCK.

Simon says she’s in trouble.  Maybe that’s his ploy to get her more votes.

Anoop Desai – Loses it a little on the falsetto in “Ooooh baby baby,” but sounds clean and clear in the verses. Not sure this is going to be a song nor a performance to excite people to vote for him, though.

Is his father’s “My Idol Anoop” button in Comic Sans?  That’s it; I can’t vote for him now.

Michael Sarver –  Needs to take the mic another couple inches away from his mouth.  Sounds like he’s gasping for air to keep up with the song when he’s not hitting all the plosives wrong.  He’s spitting out lyrics, instead of singing them with any meaning.  Disappointing.  He’s in trouble again.

Simon says, “You have no choice of winning this.”  Truer words hath ne’er been spoken.

Lil Rounds – The producers were very happy to see this song on the list for tonight.  It meant another excuse for the flame video background.  Her hair looks like she’s auditioning for a production of “DreamGirls.”

Just when the song was getting redundant and boring (the song doesn’t vary much, it’s all up loud), she turned it up, interacted with the singers, added a little more.  Too karaoke, but I think the second half will save it.

But Randy is right — wrong song choice.  Too many words, too fast. Paula is out of her mind to think Lil owned that song.  Simon’s right: she did shout it too much.

Have a feeling that the 6 second excerpt from this performance at the end of the show will sound much better than the overall performance. Adam Lambert – He almost pulls off the look, but those earrings blow it.  Point made: he has a falsetto.  But you know what?  I think it’s strong, its memorable, and the Standing Ovation is well deserved.  Best performance of the night.  After last week’s performance, this one shows great range.  Chills.  (“Solitaire” moment, a la Clay Aiken? Also, a little “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” with the drummer on stage and the “Unplugged” feel.)

Kara said: “Six words: One of the best performances of the night.” is more than six words, and not a great compliment.  There’ve only been eight songs, total. How many songs are the best?  And does she realize that “Best” indicates a singular?  Grammar is so passe, I know. Danny Gokey – He’s really starting to remind me of Taylor Hicks, but I liked Taylor.  And after all that back and forth with Smokey, he didn’t sing his own backup parts. But dancing with the singers was good.  I liked it.  Looked like he was having fun on the stage, and that’ll translate to votes.

When it comes to singing advice, I think Randy really gives the best advice.  Kara has it in her, but doesn’t get technical enough.

Allison Iraheta – Comes out singing and sounding like Kelly Clarkson.  Good attitude on stage. Wow.  That was amazing.  Made me involuntarily smile at the end of it.  Insane that she’s that good at 16.

Allison and Adam are tied up front.

Megan is a half step above the bottom level. At the bottom: Scott, Michael.

The question is, will Michael’s near-miss last week get his fans to vote for him more than Scott’s, who’ve never had to worry about an elimination?  Scott goes home.  Michael lands in the bottom two again.  And who’s in third?  I’ll go with either Matt (he went first) or Megan Joy. I say — Megan.

3 thoughts on “AI8 – Round of 10 – Motown Week

  1. Right on… Glad you’re back… I really loved Adam… You’re right about Allison, what a talent for 16… Great review…

  2. Too bad Adam only has an upper range. Where are the low notes? His voice is too high all the time and is not versatile. Tiny Tim could carry a tune but you wouldn’t want a steady diet of it.

  3. Yeah, that is pretty much my bottom three. Scott, Michael and Megan and I’ll say that Michael will be the one who goes home this week. My two favorites are by far Adam and Allison. I think Adam is amazing. they talked earlier in the show about someone having an Idol moment, this certainly was one in my book. And it is hard to believe Allison is ONLY 16. That girl can SING!

    The one I have to disagree with judges is Kris. I mean he is ok, but I completely forget him after his performance. To me he sounds like the the guy down at the local bar performing covers songs on Friday night. I just don’t get him. But I don’t see him lasting much longer unless he really pulls off an Idol Moment.

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