AI8 – Round of 10 – Results

Is it time to rethink the classic rules of American Idol voting?  There was a time when an appearance in the Bottom 2 or 3 would guarantee your safety the following week.  The contestant’s fans would ramp it up and vote double time the next week to save their favorite.  This went triple if the judges hammered on you.

Yet Michael went home this week.  So either the old rules are changing, or he had so small a fanbase that it didn’t matter.

Personally, I think it’s the latter.  He couldn’t capture the country fans.  He couldn’t capture the tween/teen vote (and their parents) that propel the contestants on this show. . .  He was lost in a middle ground, and then had a couple of Not Great weeks in a row.

Matt Giraud landed in the Bottom 3 because he went first on a TWO HOUR show and wasn’t as memorable as I think the judges initially thought he would be.  There were too many better — and flat out great — performances that came after him.  He didn’t stand much of a chance.  I think with a better position in the “run order” next week and a strong song choice, he’ll do OK for another couple of weeks.

Megan Joy needs to pick a good song this week, or she might be toast next.  If she doesn’t show off her unique vocals, she’s not worth keeping around.  Picking songs like she picked this week will not help her.

And, really, why would you disfigure your arm like that?!?