Bad move, Amazon – One Click Shopping UI

I love Amazon.  Honestly, I do.  But at some point in the past week, they turned on One Click shopping for my account.  I don’t have Amazon Prime, so I don’t want to use it.

But here’s where they really get you.

First step:

Add to cart to see price

Second step:

One Click or Add to Cart?

Two big orange-ish buttons.  If you just want to SEE THE PRICE of an item, you have to add it to the shopping cart.  That’s bad enough.  But then trying to confuse a customer into accidentally purchase it?  That’s reprehensible.

What if you successfully added it to your shopping cart, you’ve seen the price, and now you’re ready to take it back out? There is no One Click Don’t Buy It option:

One Click Deux

Edit Shopping Cart and Proceed to Checkout do roughly the same thing, but they put the big yellow-orange button next to the same shaped orange button that does something different again. Seriously, I don’t think Amazon is trying to trick people.  I think their UI people need a firm slap on the wrist for putting two very similar buttons with wildly different outcomes next to each other, particularly on a page where you need to add the item to a shopping cart just to see its price.

Yes, I made this mistake the other night.  Dang near cost me $369.  I was able to cancel the order right away and no damage done.

Be warned: Read those buttons carefully on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Bad move, Amazon – One Click Shopping UI

  1. Thankfully Amazon gives you 90 minutes after placing a 1 click order to cancel. I know I have been guilty of accidentally ordering something. Also nice if you buy something with it and realize nah, I don’t really want that.

  2. I do think Amazon is trying to trick people. At least push them into a place where they are more likely to buy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to add it to your shopping cart at all to view the real price.

  3. I also think they’re trying to trick people. I placed an order last week and was startled when I went from the here’s-your-order screen directly to thank-you-for-your-order screen. I don’t want 1-click and I disabled it long long ago when I was first asked about it. It’s devious to now have it enabled.

  4. Well, my example isn’t the same thing, but dagnabbit, it made me unhappy.

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