AI8 – Round of 9 – Results

The question on a nation’s mind: Did Bob Marley’s influence on Megan Joy extend to any mood-enhancers?  If you know what I mean. . .

In my wife’s Idol pool, I got Megan’s ouster correct, but guessed incorrectly that it would be Matt Giraud in the bottom two with her, not Allison. But that goes to show you — the voting populace is a fickle lot.

Megan went home because she squandered all the good will she had at the beginning with really poor song selection. I think, drug references aside, that she might just be very happy to go home to her baby now.  Maybe that explains the euphoria more than anything.

Anoop landed in the bottom two because he went first, did poorly, and was ultimately forgetful.

A few other quick thoughts:

  • I loved it when Simon didn’t protract the process by pretending to think about saving Megan.  Good job!

  • Lady Ga Ga – So, that’s what the kids like these days? It’s an interesting spectacle, but don’t they want music somewhere, too?

  • Next week’s show is themed for songs that came out in the year the contestant was born.  Allison will be picking a song from a year I was in high school.  I feel so old.  Will Nirvana let her sing one of theirs?  Courtney Love is an Idol fan, right?

  • That lip synched group singalong is painful and pointless. Give it up. Wait, no, it’s a revenue stream.  That group number only exists now to sell iTunes tracks, so it’s Very Important to have a carefully recorded track to sing against. I think Idol — and others — would do well to save their contestants by cutting things back to the point of the show — the weekly performances.  The Ford commercial shoots and the group number are two things that clutter the show up, and run the contestants needlessly ragged.  No wonder why they all get sick every season.

2 thoughts on “AI8 – Round of 9 – Results

  1. “Allison will be picking a song from a year I was in high school. I feel so old.”

    Augie, you’re not old. I know this because she will be picking something from when I was in college. That’s old. ;)

    I just realized that she is the only contestant keeping it from being 80s night. [shudder] I think I’m going to let Patricia watch that one by herself.


  2. I am glad someone else is annoyed by the lip synched group numbers. Am I correct that this is the first year they have been lip synched? Well, on the bright side, they provide trhe entertainent of seeing who lips synchs the worst.

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