AI8 – Round of 8 – Year of Birth

I love a good 80s Night on Idol, but get depressed when I realize all the contestants were BORN in the 80s.  They don’t remember the songs they sang tonight from listening to them on the radio during Casey Kasem’s Top 40.  They remember them from being those “oldies” that aired on weekends or as filler.

Allison, at least, isn’t a child of the 80s.  Depressingly, she was born in 1992.  Life moves on, eh?

Danny – Going first is always a curse, but I think he did well enough to save himself.  I wasn’t as enthused as Paula, but he was technically strong.  I like him. But then, I also liked Taylor Hicks. The problem with “Stand By Me” was, as Simon pointed out, 75% of it is Danny standing there singing the lyrics “stand by me” over and over again.

Kris – Boring. In the middle of the performance, I turned to my wife and asked, “Will Simon call this song self-indulgent” or “boring”? ” Then, Simon used BOTH. Is this show getting too predictable?

Lil – She’s lost.  That was the most slavish Tina Turner imitation not seen at a cross-dressing karaoke competition.  I mean, she copied Tina’s dance moves, gestures, costume, and vocal mannerisms. What was left?  All she needed was for Matt to walk on stage in an Ike costume and punch her to complete the whole thing.  Sheesh.Oh, CRASH AND BURN.

Anoop – Who is he?  Silly party guy, or balladeer?  He’s best remembered early on for the former, but only does well on the show now as the latter.  “True Colors” is a great song choice for Idol, but I don’t think he did as well as he could have with it. It’s not memorable enough. Good enough, but not great.  I’ve heard much better — and I think it was probably on “Rock Star.”

Scott – Here’s our cheesy power balladeer/singer/songwriter.  Who knew he played guitar?  He missed some of the high notes.  The rest was too karaoke.  He’s in trouble this week.

Allison – It’s scary how much she reminds me of Kelly Clarkson.  You watch her and you can’t help but remember Kelly.  The mannerisms, the gestures, the cock of the head — it’s all there.  She put a weird rock sheen on a country ballad, but it mostly worked.  I wish she had pushed it a little further, honestly, but I’ll take it.

Simon’s quote of the night, in reaction to the judges agreeing with me on the Kelly comparison: “Say ‘cool beans.'”  Cracked me up.

Matt – I didn’t love “”Part Time Lover” nearly as much as the judges.  The dancing was a little spastic. But I’ll give him that it was a crowd pleaser, and that he did some interesting things with it.  He needs to wait for the “Songs of the 2000s” week so he can do a Maroon V song, though.  Matt’s not going to win this competition, but he doesn’t deserve to go yet.

Adam – I have no idea.  Idol is awful at running their trains on time.  They’re too busy having meaningless Coca-Cola moments.  So Adam was after the 1 hour and 1 minute mark, so my DVR didn’t record him.  I imagine that no matter how bad he was, he’s still interesting enough to get positive votes from the viewers at home.  So he’s safe.  He did amazingly crazy things with that song, didn’t he?  Who knew a man could have such range?  He’s too good for this show.  etc. etc.

Bottom two this week: Scott and Lil.  Scott goes home.   Rounding out the Bottom Three would be Kris Allen.

Now, can we take up a collection to pay Kara off to never say “Artistry” again?

2 thoughts on “AI8 – Round of 8 – Year of Birth

  1. Adam sang “Mad World”, the Donny Darko version. It was a very controlled performance with lots of his trademark falsetto moments. Afterwards Simon said (paraphrasing) “The bad news is we’re short on time so I’m the only one who’s going to comment. The good news is I want to give you a standing ovation.”

    For real. Simon stood up and applauded.

  2. Bummer for you, Augie! Stop what you’re doing now, and find a clip of Adam’s performance.

    I’ve stopped trying to compare performances at the tippy-top of the Idol universe – how can you compare Ruben’s “Whole New World” to Clay’s “Solitaire” to Fantasia’s “Summertime,” anyway? Those are all individual gems that we can’t really compare to say, “oh, that one was better than the others.”

    In my opinion, at least, Adam’s performance last night joins them. I’m not a big Tears for Fears fan, and I don’t know what to make of Adam overall. Hicksian fizzle, or Underwoodesque career launch? But his performance had the quality that made Fantasia’s “Summertime” so memorable. Their interpretation of a song that most folks had heard before was a game-changer. We’ll never hear “Summertime” again and not think of the emotional gravity that Fantasia found in it. Similarly, I don’t think we’ll associate “Mad World” with anything other than Adam’s towering rendition.

    Odds update: when I looked last night, Adam was a 3:2 favorite (i.e. bettors think there’s about a 60% chance he’ll win), Danny is about 3:1, no one else is under 10:1.

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