AI8 – Round of 8 – Results

I was wondering last night whey they kept flashing to the audience to show that tall scary bald guy to the right of Simon.  Today, I saw Mario Lopez sitting next to him, which leads me to believe the tall scary bald guy isn’t a viral insert for a FOX show, but rather a security guard for whatever celebrity is sitting in that spot that night.  I never saw the celebrity last night, though.  Whoops.

I wondered briefly before the show what would happen if Adam got voted out because half of America was using DVRs and so didn’t vote for him. I wondered if IDOL would dare admit to their mistake and make it up to us all by re-airing the performance on the results show.  They didn’t, and I’m the sucker who paid $1.49 to iTunes to see a 2:30 video.  UGH.  He did well, though.  The man has better control of his falsetto than any contestant on the show has ever had. So the bottom three had Scott and Lil, not surprisingly, and Anoop, who I though the judges were overly effusive in their praise of last night.

And I figured out Kara — she’s the excitable fangirl who’s made it to the big stage. She’s TOO eager.

In any case, Lil was pulled out first as being safe, which surprised me.  I picked her for first runner up.

And then Flo Rida — an alleged singer of some sort — came out and danced around the stage to an island beat while a much more talented woman accompanied him off to the side. I laughed out loud when the sampling of “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” kicked in.  So it hits all the low points of today’s music.  It’s a song by one artist “featuring” another, and includes a sample of an 80s song.

I know, I know.  I’m out of touch and an old fuddy duddy. The Woman Alleged To Be Kellie Pickler sang.  We know from last season that she’s underneath all that plastic surgery somewhere.  She sang well, and I liked the song.  But, man, it’s tough to watch her nose today.

Frankie Avalon lent some surprise class to the show at the opening. Crazy. I think they really did surprise Simon with that. Doesn’t he see dress rehearsals at all?  Doesn’t he know the producers personally?  Strange.

And then Scott has to sing for his life and, honestly, I thought he was much better than last night. He’s the first singer on the chopping block I can say that about this season. After much deliberation — Kara and Paula were obviously pulling for a save — Simon cut him loose, mostly because there are better singers that might need saving in the next two weeks.  I think he’s dead on the money there.  Allison, Adam, and Danny are at the head of that class.

4 thoughts on “AI8 – Round of 8 – Results

  1. Scott, while a nice guy and not a bad singer – just isn’t much of a PERFORMER, he more or less just stands & sings – and that’s it. He just doesn’t form that bond with the audience, which is essential for AI votes. Also, he’s kind of boring & bland. Probably the worst thing he did was follow exactly what the judges told him to do. Getting from behind the piano and trying something “different” – worked against him ( particularily when he went out there with a guitar–ickkkk ! ).

  2. They had The Observer at the Super Bowl too!

    One benefit of watching “Fringe” is that I already had the AI run-over. Fortunately, someone from the East Coast called me about it, and I was able to extend “Fringe” and get the ending of that too.

  3. OK, I know Scott seems like a good guy and he is obviously talented, but his leaving was months too long in coming. I don’t think he should’ve been in the top 13. Yeah, yeah, I know America obviously disagreed, but I was never impressed with his singing. He is one hell of a piano player, and very inspirational, but not a good singer.

    His story kept him around this long…wonder how long it will keep Danny Gokey around?

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