AI8 – Round of 7 – Movie Week

It’s that time of year again!  Time for Movie Week, in which every contestant sings a ballad by Aerosmith or Bryan Adams. Really, this theme is almost pre-scripted for us, but then someone will throw us a curve to utterly bore us (Kris Allen) or electrify us (Adam Lambert).

And Quentin Tarantino is back, demanding that all of his Meet The Kids segments are FILMED, not merely recorded.

Alison Whose-Last-Name-I’ll-Someday-Learn-To-Spell is still great fun to watch.  I wonder if her voice is getting a little tired.  We’ve seen it happen to lots of contestants going into this stage of the competition. (Tamyra Gray, anyone?)  I know she was underplaying the front of the song to build up to something, but it still sounded a little “weak.”  Of course, “weak” for her is still overpowering for most of the Top 36 any given season.

Was I the only one creeped out at Paula discussing Adam Lambert’s “special sauce,” though?  And, seriously, who is writing Paula’s critiques?  Those cutesy turns of phrase are NOT coming off the top of her head.  Someday, one of them will even apply as being an actual critique of what was just sung, too.

Oh, and due to last week’s show running almost 10 minutes over, only two judges will talk per contestant.  And guess what?  The show still ran over enough that nobody saw Lil’s phone number on screen who was using the DVR.  More on that in a bit.

Anoop is a balladeer.  As much as he came to our attention as the crazy college frat boy, he always does extremely well when he strips it down, sings the damned song, and finds a song to showcase his voice.  I liked it.

In my notes, I wrote, “Remember Daughtry’s Have You Ever Loved a Woman?  Great performance.”  It’s like I saw Matt Giraud, ten minutes into the future. . .

Adam Lambert – I never imagined I’d hear someone sing “Born to be Wild” on this show.  Never.  It’s not an “Idol” song. There’s not much you can do with it.  It’s fine on a Guitar Hero type game, I suppose.  But on Idol?  I can’t help but laugh most weeks with Adam. It’s so crazy, so over the top, and so unreal that it’s great fun to watch. Simon is exactly right that some people will be majorly turned off by this, but I don’t care.  I loved it.  Again.

Adam is just crazy enough that I almost have gotten over Norman Gentile’s loss a few weeks back.  Imagine a duet with those two? Make it happen, Idol!

Matt Giraud – In trouble.  He’s running in the shadow of Daughtry’s performance of “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” here and losing badly.  Heck, it was a clunker without the Daughtry comparison.  And did his voice crack?

Danny Gokey – We were all thinking it, right?  “Eternal Love” == Dead Wife.  I’m shocked Paula and Kara weren’t bawling their eyes out.  Even I felt a twinge somewhere deep inside my rocky exterior.  Simon is right that he should have done more with the song, but he sang that arrangement well.

Danny also ignored Tarantino’s advice about the hands completely. Kris Allen – Trouble.  Who knows that song? It’s a boring, tedious song that isn’t memorable at all.  He’s lucky to have the Text-Friendly Tweeny Girls voting for him.  He’ll be bottom three, but saved first.

Lil Rounds – It’s over for her.  She has to go home. I echo everything Simon said.  “The Rose” could have been an amazing Idol moment.  And while she sang fine, it wasn’t memorable enough.  It didn’t explode enough in the gospel part, so the final restrained part didn’t hit as hard.  And, in the end, who knows who Lil is?

It would seem to be that she’s a bit ticked off by Simon pointing all of this out, and feels the need to talk back. Traditionally, that can be the kiss of death on Idol.

So: Lil out.  Matt in bottom two, saved by the voted he picked up when Scott lost last week.  Kris in bottom three.

2 thoughts on “AI8 – Round of 7 – Movie Week

  1. “The Rose” was a horrible taunt by the producers. To run it at the end of the show suggested that a memorable rendition was in the offing, but no!

    It’s a song of crushing emotional vulnerability, and I really thought that Lil would be able to focus every time in her life she’s felt small or weak into the “aching need” of the first half.

    And then, fire up the gospel for the triumphant conclusion!

    First half => pathetic seed, heartbreaking emotion; second half => sun’s love produces the rose, triumphant finish

    Even Tatiana could have done a better job than Lil did.

  2. Augie,

    It was “Endless Love”, not “Eternal Love”. LOL! And, yeah, when he was singing it and we were watching it, my wife looked at me and said, “I wonder if he sang that song at his wedding…”

    But, man, Lil should have been gone and the judges should not have saved Matt. Please let Lil be gone next week!

    But now it’s balls to the wall for the rest of the show. Everyone has to ONLY bring their “A” game and nothing less to win this.

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