AI8 – Round of Four – Rock Week

The set is in shambles.  Slash is on set.  And the Guitar Hero hits are played!  What more could you ask for?

Actually, I wasn’t all that impressed this week. The only thing that really got me excited in this show was the final duet between Adam and Allison.  Unlike the first duet, these two actually sang to (or “at”) each other.  Danny and Kris looked like two singers who happened to be on the same stage.  Their harmonies were good, but there was always a separation in their performance that sucked the life out of it. Also, Danny looked horribly uncomfortable with it.

I’m still in shock that the easiest Guitar Hero song, “Slow Ride,” could work so well for the two power singers, who shared a hair dresser this week.

I wonder if telling America that Adam has his own “hair girl” will turn off some voters. That seems too professional, don’tcha think?

I think we’ll see Kris and Allison in the bottom two, with Kris going home this week.  (Daughtry says Kris is his favorite and he wants to record with him. Kris will land on his feet.) I don’t quite understand why Gokey hasn’t been in the bottom three yet, but I imagine it’s due to some early-formed fanbase that’s quite active.

And I still am going with my theory that Allison will win it all. I need to write a separate blog piece about that before it’s a moot point.

And IDOL timing continues to astound, as the show ran over just by enough to cut off Simon’s final critique of the best musical number of the night.  UGH.

2 thoughts on “AI8 – Round of Four – Rock Week

  1. This was probably my least hated week so far. I didn’t mind Adam’s performance until I actually looked at him performing (I will usually listen with my eyes shut for the first bit because… well, I’m weird) and… ugh. Allison felt like she was holding back. Kris REALLY impressed my girlfriend, but I hated his “Come Together.” And Danny… well, he was all of five seconds into it when we both agreed that he should get voted off this week. Godawful.

    The duets… they were what they were. Simon made me laugh quite a bit with his comment on the first one. Leave to him to get right to the point by saying which singer was better.

    I read somewhere recently about Slash having lost it and, well, this may confirm it. Nothing says “no longer cool” like mentoring on American Idol.

    I was actually disappointed in the song selections since, for a week where a couple of people were “This is MY week!” they all stuck to very well known songs — which makes them seem like they’ve got the musical depth of a puddle. There’s a certain logic in picking songs people know, but it also means more people are comparing you to the original and NONE of these people could match up.

  2. Before Adam and Allison did their duet I thought for sure Allison would be bottom 2 but I seriously think Gokey’s in big trouble this week…and I’m thinking we could possibly see a shocker tonight with him getting the boot. His version of Dream On was really really bad. And I don’t think he got any help from Kris in the Renegade duet either…It might be a sad night tonight on Idol.

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