AI8 – The Finale

I’m sure lots of people will be analyzing Kris’ victory.  Whether it’s a Red State/Blue State thing, or a matter of timing (in that Kris peaked at the perfect time), or a commentary on the state of pop music or on “Idol” itself. . .

I just think it was a ton of fun.  You have to like Kris.  He’s a lot of what “Idol” has always been about.  He doesn’t have a huge professional music background like so many modern contestants do.  He’s a small town boy.  He’s from the South, and they’ve always done well on the show.  Seriously — name the “Idol” winners who weren’t from the south.  Jordin Sparks came out of Phoenix, right?  That’s IT in eight seasons.

I think the most amazed person on that stage tonight was Kris Allen, and that was just fun to watch.  I don’t just mean in the final ten minutes, either.  Here was a guy who was in awe of the fact that he was singing with friggin’ Queen.  He looked giddy.  (So did Gokey, singing with Lionel Richie.)

In a three way finale, I would have gone with Allison, honestly.  In this finale, I would have been happy either way, but I like that Kris won.  I like having someone closer to the “boy next door” and truly an “undiscovered” talent winning the whole thing.

It’s just a shame that Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle upstaged them all.  ::duck grin run::

Those group numbers have to go.  They’re getting painful.

And the show finished on time!  Go figure.  I think that’s a first for the live shows this season.

Bikini Girl took full advantage of her 15 minutes of fame by — boosting her bra size, it would seem. Also hilarious: Ruben Studdard not realizing that the show Tatiana thing was a put-on.

I also like that Wikipedia had the winner updated within minutes of the end of the show.  Gotta love the internet.

Adam Lambert was a much-needed shot of diversity and raw talent to the show this season.  He’ll go on to do big things on Broadway with the Tony-nominated Constantine Maroulis any day now. . .