This Week in iPhone Craziness

Every Apple keynote brings out the most insane overreactions and comments from the Apple Faithful.  Don’t get me wrong — I’m a drooling Apple fanboy.  I pre-ordered my first iPhone Monday night (I think).  I’m thrilled to be picking it up next week (hopefully).However, there’s an internet mindset amplified by the echo chamber of “popular opinion” and “conventional wisdom” that drives me nuts.  And then there’s the rush of coverage that falls over itself to get things out first.

Three cases of this have popped up this week, so far:

  • People are complaining that they can’t upgrade from the 3G to the 3GS without paying extra.  I guess lots of people don’t understand the concept of a “subsidized” price and that they’re really spreading out the cost of the phone over the course of two years.  They’re not buying the phone any more cheaply than they did when it cost $599 on Day One.  Yes, AT&T may very well be evil, but this isn’t proof of it.  You’re just dumb if you don’t understand what a “subsidized price” is.  It’s a loan, basically, that AT&T gives you and you pay back every month for two years.  AT&T offers you the option of buying out your contract if you want to leave it early.

Here’s the best and biggest whiner of the bunch.  Thankfully, the commenters call him on it.  In his defense, he does have a legitimate complaint about confusion and AT&T not being able to communicate clearly.  Everything else?  Indefensible.

*Or, why not drop AT&T and spend $60 a month on a MiFi that you have to carry around everywhere with you to create a WiFi hot spot to use your iPhone in.  It only gets 4 hours of battery life, but it’s better than finishing up a contract with AT&T, right?

  • People were disappointed that there was no “surprise Steve Jobs appearance” at the keynote today.  How in the wide wide world of sports would it have been a surprise, with so many people assuming/guessing it was going to happen?

Heck, given the way Apple Rumors go, it’s almost a bigger “surprise” that he DIDN’T show.

Words have lost their meaning, I fear.

  • Even better, check out this link to a Gizmodo article titled “Everything You Need to Know About Snow Leopard.”

I laughed out loud when I saw it had to be UPDATED.  Guess it started off as “most everything you need to know,” eh?