The Shield’s Final Season DVD

The greatest season of television I’ve ever watched is now on DVD:

Commentaries on every episode.  Great cover art, too.

It’s releases like this that make me want to jump back into the New DVD Releases pool. . .

Update: Best Buy is offering all previous season of “The Shield” for just $19.99 this week.

2 thoughts on “The Shield’s Final Season DVD

  1. On my desk as we speak. One of the few DVDs I have bought in the last year – and even rarer still that I bought it during its first week of release.

    Now to just unbox all of the old seasons and start them in order (especially since I missed the last season when it aired on TV.)

  2. Watching this right now, it’s brilliant. Probably a good thing it’s finishing now while it’s still at it’s peak of perfection ( rather than go down like HOMICIDE did ).

    There is a hidden gem of a great series in the recently released Seasons 1 & 2 of the series INTELLIGENCE. Yes, it is Canadian ( and even set in Canada ) but so was X-Files, 24, Wiseguy and dozens more. Imagine THE WIRE, but a lot more political.

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