Oh What a Difference a Week Makes

An update to last week’s Apple Linguistic Mess post:

Apple iPhone Email, June 9:

Apple iPhone Email, June 9

Apple iPhone Email, June 17: Apple iPhone Email, June 17 Same guy in blue, but now talking about your “pre-authorization” instead of how you can “reserve” an iPhone.  You’re “saving time” now, not “get[ting]” anything.

There are two possibilities here:

Last week, a reservation meant that there was plenty in stock and you’d be guaranteed your reserve.  This week, it’s getting closer, supplies are dwindling, and so you can’t be guaranteed an iPhone anymore.

Or, they realized that their language last week was dead wrong. As I’ve often said in the last week, making a reservation at a restaurant doesn’t give you “First Come, First Served” seating.  The small print last week indicated that.  The message was decidedly mixed.

I’d have pre-ordered my iPhone and had it shipped home, but I have two Apple Store gift cards I plan to use for this purchase.  The Apple Store doesn’t have a spot for them in its check-out process.  As wonderful and advanced a company as Apple is, it can’t even get its gift cards to work on-line?  (It was purposeful for the original iPhone, when they were limiting how many phones a single person could buy and needed your credit card for tracking purposes.)

We’ll see what happens on Friday, but I’m decidedly not optimistic anymore.  There’s a chance I’ll get an iPhone, but I’m not betting on it.  I’ll be one of those lunatics who checks a website somewhere daily to see where the next batch of units is shipping, and drop by there with my fingers crossed and money clutched in my hands. . .  ::sigh::