Photo Podcasts, Part One

When I decided almost two years ago to get serious about my photography, I knew I had a lot to learn.  And as anxious as I was to get a camera and start shooting, I had to save up the money for it — which meant, mostly, selling a bunch of DVDs on the Amazon Marketplace.  It was well worth it, but it left me with about four months of research time leading to the purchase of the actual camera.

I read tons of photography magazines and listened to wall-to-wall photography podcasts.  We’ll talk about my frustrations with the magazines another time.  This week, I want to mention some of the podcasts I’ve listened to, and continue to listen to.

I don’t remember which one was the first anymore, but one of the early ones had to be Digital Photo Life.  Back then, it was The Digital Photography Show, but it recently switched networks and started from scratch again.  The show is hosted by two photo enthusiasts, Scott Sherman and Michael Stein, who once took a photo workshop together and decided to start a podcast.

Each week’s show features giveaways, interviews, news, and reviews.  Scott’s a Canon shooter; Michael’s a Nikon shooter.  So it’s all balanced out.

Recent shows have either been “too beginner” for me or an interview with a spokesman from a company hawking their wares.  I’ve grown tired of such interviews now, but when I was just learning about these things, I ate it all up.  So it might still be good for you.

My biggest gripe with the show today is that the boilerplate stuff goes on forever, with more websites and gmail addresses than you could shake a stick at.  One show literally didn’t start for 18 minutes.  That wasn’t good.

Still, it’s an entertaining show with personality and enthusiastic hosts with a great camaraderie.  Give it a shot if you’re looking into this kind of thing.

The only catch is that the show is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, due to some family issues. Still, there are a lot of shows in the archives you can listen to for all the tips you need.

More podcasts to come. . .

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