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TWIP is “This Week in Photography.” Hosted by former Apple and Adobe marketer Frederick Van Johnson, it’s a weekly venture into the world of photography, with the news, the reviews, the picks of the week, your questions answered, and an interview with some photo luminary.  Other regulars include Alex Lindsay, pro photog Steve Simon, and Ron Brinkmann (now at Amazon).  Scott Bourne co-founded the show before moving on to start his own a year later, but we’ll get to that next.

The show has improved a bunch this year, speeding its way through the boring boilerplate stuff and eliminating the running gags turned time wasters.  On the other hand, the production notes are referenced way too often, taking all the magic away from them.  Seriously, knowing everything that’s going to happen on the show ahead of time is a good thing to do.  Telling the world as you go along that you’re paying close attention to it kinda defeats half the purpose.

Also, every other sentence in the show is followed with, “And we’ll have a link to that in the show notes.” That’s a general pet peeve of mine with most podcasts, but it gets really annoying on TWIP.  I can assume the show notes will have everything in them, thanks.  It’s obvious.

Scott Bourne left the show earlier this year to start his own podcast and blog, Photo Focus.  The podcast is 40 minutes long or so, and released three times a month.  (On the 5th, 15th, and 25th of the money.  His iPhone show had a similar schedule, once upon a time.)

In Bourne’s show, he and co-host Rick Sammon (pro shooter and photography educator/book writer) take rapid fire questions from the audience and answer away. There’s usually one short guest spot from a known name in photog circles to answer a couple of qurestions, too.

Bourne hosts the show with the iron fist he could never used on TWIP to keep everything on topic and moving forward. He occasionally lapses into his old school radio talk show host voice, which is a little jarring from a guy I’m used to hearing more conversationally on Mac Break Weekly.  And Sammon has two or three pet phrases that will make you want to scream after you’ve heard them for the 100th time, no matter where he is.  (The camera looks both ways, you know. ARGH!  I GET IT! STOP!)

It’s a good show to learn a little about a lot.  You’ll see some recurring answers as you listen, but that’ll help you learn, too. The show is all of six episodes old right now, so feel free to start from the beginning.

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