Podcast Recommendation: Martin Bailey

We’re going to start talking iPhone soon, but here’s a podcast worth listening to, if you’re photographically-inclined:

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast (link opens iTunes) is unique on the list of podcasts I listen to.  It’s the only one that blends its audio presentation with still frames.  (There is a plain MP3 version without the slideshow accompaniment, but that sounds tedious to me.)  Bailey is a semi-professional photographer, I suppose.  He has a day job, but spends the rest of his time specializing in nature photography.  Here’s the twist:  He’s a Briton living in Japan.  His podcast is often half-travelogue, half photography primer.  He tells the stories behind the pictures, the technical aspects of the pictures, and more.

His presentation is very calm and methodical, lasting about a half hour or so per weekly episode.  You’ll learn about photography, Japan, nature, and a whole lot more along the way.  It’s a great show.

Check out his portfolio at MartinBaileyPhotography.com.  Beautiful stuff, and he’s a Canon shooter, too. Those are turning into a rare breed these days. ::sigh::

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Recommendation: Martin Bailey

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  2. “It’s not a pretty piece of furniture that’s going to be featured in DIY Monthly”

    Congrats — you just eliminated any chance of my wife ever letting it into the house. ;-)

    Sometimes, ugly things need to be done, I suppose. It’s not ALL going. . . Just most of it. Theoretically.

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