What Sold Me on iPhone

I’ll tell you the moment I fell in love with my iPhone, and it didn’t come until day three or four.

I needed to change the date of a doctor’s appointment I had coming up.  I had entered my doctor’s phone number in my address book on my laptop, so it had already synched up to my iPhone.  Great.  A couple of taps, and the phone call is made.

After I made the appointment, I realized I’d be going to my doctor’s office straight from work for the first time, and wondered what the quickest way to get there would be.

There’s an app for that: Google Maps.  I typed my doctor’s name and town into the search bar, and the first red pin on the map five seconds later was right.  I tapped on it, and it brought up a contact info screen with her name, address, and phone number.  I tapped on the “Add to Contacts” button.  I chose “Add to Existing Contact,” since she was already in there.  And bam, her address and Google Map location was saved into my address book.  No duplication.  Fit right in.

As for getting from work to her office?  I went back to Google Maps, where I had bookmarked certain locations — home, work, etc.  A couple taps later, I had the most direct driving route from work to the doctor’s.  When the time comes to drive it, I can turn on my GPS and see my progress in real time.  ( I used that feature to drive around a traffic jam in town already once. )

So easy, so smooth, so quick.

All of a sudden, I’m interested in maintaining an address book seriously for the first time in my life.  My phone makes it easy to wield it.  And the fact that I can easily access it all while I’m on the phone (assuming the ear buds or Bluetooth earpiece are in) is a wonderful bonus.

I will refrain, however, from taking my doctor’s picture in her office to add to my phone book.  That might be going a bit too far.