Last iPhone Thoughts (For Now)

  • I’ve discovered that you really have to whip that thing around on its side to activate the accelerometer enough to change the screen’s orientation. Also, it only works if you’re holding the phone in your hands, and not laying it flat on a desk or table.

  • Tilting sideways isn’t universal.

  • Wi-Fi is about 5x faster than 3G.  And don’t get me started on the pain that is Edge. The Speed Test app is worth the free download just to teach yourself that little fact.  I tend to keep Wi Fi off unless I’m at home, just to keep the phone from searching for a Wi Fi signal and draining its battery.  In the car, I use the ear bud that came with the phone instead of the Bluetooth earpiece.  And I don’t leave location search on until I need it.

  • I wish I could subscribe to a podcast through the iTunes interface, instead of just streaming a show.  It’s also amazing how few podcasts there are under 10 MB.

  • The Clock app’s alarm clock interface is so much easier and quicker to use than my old Razr phone’s.  (That’s right, I use my cell phone as my wakeup alarm clock.)

  • I hate that Notes App font.  At least it’s not Comic Sans.

  • eBay detects that you’re using an iPhone and gives you a very simplified version of its page. I like that a lot.  (No, I’m not using eBay these days, but I am checking on values of things in my collection, as I prepare to sell an awful lot of comics off.)

  • I like how Apple does a 30 second TV commercial to highlight cut-and-paste.  It that ballsy, chutzpah, or just funny?

  • The YouTube app is nice, too.  I like the search and the ability to email myself a link to a video I might want to later pass along or bookmark at home or something.  I also like how the videos play in landscape format automatically, with big control buttons.  It’s painful to wait on an Edge connection for it to load, though.

  • I don’t use the new all-iPhone search right now.  Maybe that’ll change someday.  I only have three screens’ worth of apps, so I’m never lost.

  • I wish iTunes would synch my camera pics, audio memos, and videos automatically, instead of making me email them to myself.  That’s just odd.  Or am I missing something? (Update: Found the voice memos in iTunes in their own playlist. Yay!)

2 thoughts on “Last iPhone Thoughts (For Now)

  1. I sync directly with iPhoto automatically. Hmmm. Maybe its a Mobile me thing? You have to select the option to sync on the settings, i think. Today was my first day with the phone. Oh, what a fun day.

    Good luck


  2. I just discovered that voice memo playlist on iTunes. So there that is. Opening iPhoto now… (I don’t use iPhoto, generally speaking.) Nope, don’t see anything there. I’ll have to Google it this weekend.

    Isn’t this stuff fun, though? =)

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