The iPhone App I Want

I have software to do this at home on my computer (ProfCast), but since nothing beats the convenience of the iPhone for doing Anything Anytime Anywhere, I thought I’d suggest it here, or ask if anyone has seen an App like this out in the wild:

I want an App that will allow me to make a video slideshow that I can narrate.  Let me go to a folder of my pictures, pick the ten I want to show.  Let me then “begin recording.”  The first image shows up.  The mic turns on and I can talk over the pic.  When I want the next image, I tap a large button on the screen. I keep talking.  When all is done, I click the stop button, the iPhone creates a video of the pictures with my narration over top of them, and then I can upload the whole shebang straight to YouTube, the way I do with my 3GS videos.  Alternatively, let me download an uncompressed QuickTime video to my computer next time I synch up.

Is that too much to ask?  Does it already exist?  Even if it creates a video that I have to sync up with my computer to upload to YouTube, I’d be happy.  (I’d be doubly happy if that would help preserve video quality, too.)

I’ve seen slideshow-generating apps, but most expect you to have a song to play already, and then, at best, give you control of how long each pic should be on screen. I could use that, but it seems like a kludge and an awful lot of work.  I need simplicity here.

2 thoughts on “The iPhone App I Want

  1. I have heard that Humble Daisy is working on something like this. They (we) don’t comment on unreleased products, but I think you might want to check later in the summer.


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