I have offended the Twitter gods

For unknown reasons, Twitter has suspended my account for “strange activity.”

I haven’t done anything wrong, I’ve dropped them a line, we’ll see how this turns out.

I imagine I’ll be back eventually.


3 Responses to “I have offended the Twitter gods”

  1. Chad Nevett
    17. July 2009 at 12:08

    That will learn you for complaining about Tweetdeck eating posts!


  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    17. July 2009 at 22:35

    I miss it so much. I have the shakes. If it’s TweetDeck’s fault, I’ll burn every copy I have and start a jihad.

    If not, I’ll keep using it. =)

  3. Kneon
    20. July 2009 at 12:22

    Weird… I wonder if they’re getting as touchy as Google. I lost my Adsense account with no explanation last month.

    I was going to DM you this (but can’t…) As I recall, you liked Ducks, right? >