Links for a Thursday

  • tells you Twitter which friends of yours overlap with another friend.

  • Here’s the story of the girl who grew up with two hearts.  Eventually, the back-up heart failed and was removed, but it gave the primary heart enough time to strengthen itself.

  • First review of “Wii Sports Resort” I’ve seen so far. Mind you, I wasn’t looking very hard, but this is hopeful.  I haven’t played too many video games lately, but I’d love to give this one a spin.

  • Why “Wipeout” wins. Answer: a dearth of slapstick television.

  • Remember when the Harry Potter movie series began, and everyone said the same actors couldn’t make all the movies?  It would take too much out of their childhoods, or they’d age faster than the movies could keep up with them, etc?  Ah, we were so naive then.  (No link.  I just felt like pointing that out.)

  • It’s just so crazy it might work.  No, not really.  It’s complete and utter madness, but it is hilarious: Convert Central Park into an airport!