On Sale Now: Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort I haven’t been able to pass this purchase by the Various and Sundry Finance Committee, but I hope one of you did.  What do you think? How’s the new controller add-on working for you?  And how tempted are you to now go out and buy the Tiger Woods game to use with it?

4 thoughts on “On Sale Now: Wii Sports Resort

  1. Got the Tiger Woods Game, works great. Best Golf game I’ve played.
    Still haven’t got the new Wii Sports Resort (Which got 5 stars from Xplay) yet. Tempting but, probably going to hold off for now.

  2. Was watching the video on the Nintendo Channel today. The golf game looks great. Want to play archery, too. ::sigh::

    Are you playing Tiger Woods with the new controller attached?

  3. yes new controller is on…

    Plus, broke down and bought the new Wii Sports Resort. I play it with my daughter now and its great. (Plus now we have two motion + adapters). We are spending a lot of time on the basketball (which is simplified for all users – no complex NBA Live stuff here). Table tennis is great as well. Although I haven’t tried the golf yet, all are fun – my daughter is living her Jedi dreams with the swordplay.

    Great improvement – better feel – more accuracy. If you can swing it pick it up. My wife is also playing again… You’ll definitely appreciate the improved bowling…

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