Bags of Money

I was always taught that, as a business, you shouldn’t leave bags of money sitting there onthe side of the road.

So why is it that my phone calls to an HVAC guy and a plumber went unreturned this week?  I guess I’m too small fry to deal with?  (The latter’s ad actually said “no job too small.”)

I want to give these people money, but they can’t be bothered to return a simple phone call? Crazy.

The plumber already lost his chance — I fixed the problem myself with $10 and a trip to Home Depot. So nyah!

Weezer #7

Weezer announced on MySpace a couple weeks back that their seventh studio album is due out October 27th.

There you go — proof that someone out there is still using MySpace.

Also, proof that comments on major blogs and social sites are just doomed:  “Hope this one’s actually good…”  Wow, THERE’S a fan for you, Weezer.

The post office is still around? How?!?

I shipped a DVD this past week via the US Postal Service. It turned out to be cheaper to use their first class mail option than their media mail option. It was cheaper to use the option that took half the time. How messed up is the Post Office, exactly? I’m not complaining. It was a good deal for me. But shouldn’t they charge more for packages that they promise to deliver faster?

Time for a new computer?

The next version of Lightroom will not run on PowerPC Macs.  This is very very bad news for me, as the desktop I do all my photo editing on is a Mac Pro that’s five years old now and, yes, a PowerPC-based machine.    It’s understandable and I’m not mad.  I’m just sad, I guess.  I know it’s time to update the computer, but the cheapest desktop Mac these days is two grand.  And for my main work station with nearly a terabyte of pictures now, I like the expandability of a desktop machine, not a laptop. UGH.  I suppose I shuold start saving up now. And sell a kidney.   I also just now realized that this is the longest I’ve owned a computer in my adult life.  In my PC years, I’d buy a new system every couple or three years.  This Mac desktop that many label as “overpriced” has lasted twice as long for only a very slightly higher price than I paid for my desktop PCs.  

Now Appearing on

Pictures from my vacation to Myrtle Beach have been running over on for the last week, and will continue for the next week or two.  I took 1300 pictures in less than a week.  I’ll be featuring some of the more scenic shots on the blog for a while.

Then we’ll go back to geese and toys and the usual rigamarole, I’m sure. ;-) for last 30 days, roughly August 2009

Another Lesson Learned: Advertising and TV News

I can’t be sure if this is just South Carolina, or the entire South, but I did notice this:

Every commercial on TV is for Wal-Mart.  Sure, at first it seems like a random food commercial or eyeglass commercial or HDTV set commercial or pharmacy commercial or food store commercial — but it always ends at “At Wal-Mart!”

And, yes, there was one less than five minutes from where I stayed.  Handy.

Also, the local news is wildly different from the NYC news we get up here.  NYC News starts with political corruption before moving onto unsolved mysteries, brutal murders, and car crash theater.  South Carolina news begins with tips on supporting your roof in case of hurricane, moves on to a local fender bender, then talks about what’s going on to help tourists spend money locally.  It’s all rather laid back, by comparison, though the anchors don’t sport Southern accents.  I guess they’re all aiming at larger market jobs or something?

Brit-Com DVD Double Dip Time?

Two of my favorite comedies of all time are coming back with new features. They’re doing new editions of both the “Fawlty Towers” and “Black Adder” DVD sets.

John Cleese and crew will be providing commentaries for “Fawlty Towers,” which likely justifies the price of admission, alone. That’s possibly the best $50 (less via Amazon, no doubt) you could spend on a DVD set this year. Commentaries and other miscellany are promised for “Black Adder,” but a high price point and an uncertain feature set make that a “wait and see” proposition. And while I adore the third and fourth season, the second is uneven, and the first isn’t all that rewatchable for me.

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation, Part Deux

“Barney” isn’t such a bad thing.

But I don’t want to hear, “The more we get together, the happier we’ll be” one more time.  Damned dinosaur has no clue how much people really stink.

And, really, is Barney any worse than the wisemouth sidekick character employed by Disney in every one of their animated movies of the 90s?

Lessons from Vacation

I spent the last week with family on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I took away a number of lessons from this, many of which I might share here in the days and weeks ahead.

But let me start with the biggest, coming from a guy in Northern New Jersey who ought to have really known this already: It is unfair to judge a state strictly by the interstate highway that traverses it.

North Carolina is NOT merely J.R.’s outlet on Exit 97 and Ava Gardner’s home town. South Carolina is not merely fireworks and pork products. And Virginia should not be picked on for having a town named Skippers.

Delaware, though, does deserve to be picked on for milking the most dollar per mile out of its interstate highway in tolls. More to come. . .

Three thoughts

  Random Thoughts:   * It had to happen: The most interesting songs on the “Guitar  Hero: Van Halen” set list are the Not By Van Halen Songs:  “Stacey’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne, “Dope Nose” by Weezer, and  Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life.”  The latter has some great  guitar bits that would be fun to play.     * Amusing: Rolling Stone has a Shepard Fairey cover of Obama this  month, because the magazine world clings to Obama for every last copy  they can sell while they can before their entire industry sinks into  its own quicksand.  It seems that despite Fairey’s protestations that  he’s an artist and not a copyright infringer, Rolling Stone is very  careful to credit the photographer for the cover: “Illustration by  Shepard Fairey Based on a photograph by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP  Images”  That can’t help his “Hope” poster case, can it?     * Twitter is still suffering from Denial of Service Attacks.  I’d like,  once again, to declare my innocence.  They can Fail Whale all they  like while they keep my account suspended for no good reason. Feh.