Three thoughts

  Random Thoughts:   * It had to happen: The most interesting songs on the “Guitar  Hero: Van Halen” set list are the Not By Van Halen Songs:  “Stacey’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne, “Dope Nose” by Weezer, and  Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life.”  The latter has some great  guitar bits that would be fun to play.     * Amusing: Rolling Stone has a Shepard Fairey cover of Obama this  month, because the magazine world clings to Obama for every last copy  they can sell while they can before their entire industry sinks into  its own quicksand.  It seems that despite Fairey’s protestations that  he’s an artist and not a copyright infringer, Rolling Stone is very  careful to credit the photographer for the cover: “Illustration by  Shepard Fairey Based on a photograph by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP  Images”  That can’t help his “Hope” poster case, can it?     * Twitter is still suffering from Denial of Service Attacks.  I’d like,  once again, to declare my innocence.  They can Fail Whale all they  like while they keep my account suspended for no good reason. Feh.  

One thought on “Three thoughts

  1. Huh. Your Twitter account got suspended? No wonder I could not find your name in my following list. I was gonna send you a link to a page of some pretty neat pictures you might like.

    So, I will leave it here instead.

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