Another Lesson Learned: Advertising and TV News

I can’t be sure if this is just South Carolina, or the entire South, but I did notice this:

Every commercial on TV is for Wal-Mart.  Sure, at first it seems like a random food commercial or eyeglass commercial or HDTV set commercial or pharmacy commercial or food store commercial — but it always ends at “At Wal-Mart!”

And, yes, there was one less than five minutes from where I stayed.  Handy.

Also, the local news is wildly different from the NYC news we get up here.  NYC News starts with political corruption before moving onto unsolved mysteries, brutal murders, and car crash theater.  South Carolina news begins with tips on supporting your roof in case of hurricane, moves on to a local fender bender, then talks about what’s going on to help tourists spend money locally.  It’s all rather laid back, by comparison, though the anchors don’t sport Southern accents.  I guess they’re all aiming at larger market jobs or something?