Time for a new computer?

The next version of Lightroom will not run on PowerPC Macs.  This is very very bad news for me, as the desktop I do all my photo editing on is a Mac Pro that’s five years old now and, yes, a PowerPC-based machine.    It’s understandable and I’m not mad.  I’m just sad, I guess.  I know it’s time to update the computer, but the cheapest desktop Mac these days is two grand.  And for my main work station with nearly a terabyte of pictures now, I like the expandability of a desktop machine, not a laptop. UGH.  I suppose I shuold start saving up now. And sell a kidney.   I also just now realized that this is the longest I’ve owned a computer in my adult life.  In my PC years, I’d buy a new system every couple or three years.  This Mac desktop that many label as “overpriced” has lasted twice as long for only a very slightly higher price than I paid for my desktop PCs.  

One thought on “Time for a new computer?

  1. I usually keep my PCs 4-5 years before replacing them. The last year or so, I’ll encounter strange “issues” that I can’t quite figure out. Then, when I finally replace the creeping machine, the issues vanish and I get a eureka moment.

    But, I guess my real point is, it’s not uncommon for PC users to keep their boxes 4 or 5 years, just like you have with your Mac. Whatever that’s worth.

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