Stock Photography

A couple weeks back, I applied to four different on-line microstock photographic websites. Two of the four denied my application, citing an abundance of the kind of work I was peddling. The other two accepted me.

One of those two is iStockPhoto, and this weekend they formally accepted my first picture submission. So, now, if you want to buy an image I created for use on your website or your company’s brochure or website or some such thing, you can get it for as low as $1 at iStockPhoto.

I don’t plan on retiring with this. The photographer, generally speaking, get a small percentage of each sale, and the successful ones are those who devote tons of time to stock photography and have thousands of images posted. I guess this is more of an egoboost thing for me, but if it nets me a few bucks to spend on a new hard drive to back up all my pics, it’ll be worth it. Even then, it’ll take months, if not years.

2 thoughts on “Stock Photography

  1. Thanks – the tricky part, as always, is to get the second sale. =) I’ve submitted a few more pics and haven’t had them accepted yet. We’ll see. I’m hoping to submit a pic or two a night as a habit. That should help build up my collection. Maybe I can buy a comic book in a month or two.

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