My Return to Twitter

I gave up waiting for Twitter to answer their help desk tickets.  So I started new, using @AugieShoots as my handle, borrowing from my photography blog name.  I’ve been on there a few days now and am getting in to the swing of things again.  Here’s a sampling of recent Tweets:

  • A short list of NFL players charged with murder, or related crimes:
  • @JAFlanagan – Baby kicking is the coolest, especially since it’s not the man’s stomach baby is kicking. :)
  • Now that I’m back on Twitter, I need to decide if I’ll be judicious about blocking the spammer types, or just let it go and not waste time. [So far, I’m being all laissez faire.]
  • @mikesterling ALF was always the first topic of discussion in Art Class on Tuesday mornings. But then that was sixth grade or so. Heh
  • Doc says my daughter is developing normally. Too bad I’m falling apart.
  • I’m getting 1 photo approved on for every 4 I upload, I think, now. At this rate, I’ll have a portfolio there in a decade.
  • Went to a Fall Festival type thing today and didn’t get any good nature shots. You have to try really hard to throw an unphotogenic event.