Hell’s Kitchen 2009 Second Season Finale

Chef Gordon Ramsey of Hells KitchenA couple of weeks late, yes, but a thought:

Will Chef Ramsay ever again hire someone whose hair would pass a health inspection?

Will Chef Ramsay ever pick the right winner?

Did they cut the budget this year?  Is that why the final two only got one hour of two?  Is that why they didn’t get to decorate their restaurant and bring in their family members to help?  Honestly, I didn’t miss that part too much.  It always seemed like false drama to me when something would go wrong during construction just at the end of the halfway point.

And will the producers ever have the guts to invite in contestants for their cooking abilities rather than their abilities to fit into a two dimensional caricature/archetype that they can exploit for drama?

Despite all of that, I can’t wait for next season.  Which prompts the final question:

When will Chef Ramsay run out of restaurants to staff?

One thought on “Hell’s Kitchen 2009 Second Season Finale

  1. I havent seen the finale yet but a few things P’d me off about this program. Theres far too much repetition. It could be cut down to a half hour show as we caan remember whats happened and whats coming up. Also dont you feel like they try to up the faux tension so much it just becomes a bit dreary? Also they constantly interrupt the action in the kitchen with stupid comments from the chefs. Also how ridiculously nasty was gordan ramsay this season. he’s becoming a characature of himself on the TV. what do you think of these points? Do american audiences enjoy all that repeat information. maybe its because i download it and miss out the ad’s?

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