Happy Halloween

I’m not quite sure what to make of what happened here. Who set up who? Are those misbehaving kids in costume? Are those, er, “little people” actors? Were they told to act goofy and steal the scene?

If you believe it, it’s hilarious. I giggled out loud. What do you think? Are you more cynical than I?

Ewoks Go Nuts

The moonwalking part had me in tears.

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

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  2. I wonder what George Lucas thought as he watched his beloved Ewok humping a leg, then humping the floor on national television.

  3. Lucas probably turned around, checked what licensing fee he got for the appearance, and made a call on his new Droid phone to his accountant to raise Ewok Appearance fees.

  4. Which begs the question Augie, how easy is it for a Hutt to turn around?

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