Harmony Remote and Sony TVs

I have the Harmony Remote 880. I wrote about it a couple of years ago when I first picked it up, funded by the Amazon Associates points you find folks helped me round up.  I’ve since added a new TV to the house, and it’s turned into a nightmare to try to program the thing around it.  So let me throw this out there, on the off chance that one of the dozen of you still reading this blog have had the same problem.

The issue is in setting up the remote to automatically choose an input from the back of the TV. When I play a DVD, for example, I need the TV to look for HDMI 3 for the signal. When using the cable box, I point to Component 1. On the other TV, this wasn’t a problem.  There were eight inputs in the back and you just hit the “Input” button to cycle through them until you got to the one you wanted.

With this new TV, I can’t do that.  The TV changes the order of the inputs around so that they are in the order last used.  So if I switch from HDMI 1 to Component 1, suddenly HDMI 1 is the second item on the list and HDMI 1 — the currently used port — is first.  So there’s no set list of inputs in a given order.

So how can I program my remote around that? I’m still searching through the Harmony forums, but it’s a bit difficult. It’s a very well-trafficked forum where each search brings up 500 results, most of which are talking about a variation on what I have.

Any ideas, remote programmers?